a letter for a friend I

we had traveled far
since last year that we parted
without a single word of goodbye
we are the kind of people who hate to say those words
good and bye
it just doesn’t go together

it just a shake
or it is just a hug
those awkward moments
i had kept it in my pockets
in every step i took

we had to go to every direction
sometimes we decide
or sometimes we follow

i had come to this step
to search you
where are u now?

and like always
you always carry all those frozen moments with u
like some kind of souvenir
from very far away

it always breathtaking
how you catch all the things in the world
in a single shot
sometime i want to cry badly looking at it
just in those blessing eyes

you often froze kala
and i could not describe those feeling
when i saw u
the sense of momentarily presence
those immortal beings

like always
just a shake
and we run around in this world like crazy

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