pernahkah kau amati, jejak seseorang yang selalu dan selalu melewatimu di suatu jalan, dengan kereta dorongnya, dengan tanpa kaki dan apa-apanya, menuju ke arah selatan. pernahkah? bertemu dengan pasti dengannya di suatu pojokan jalan?

mumbles(in english):
long time not reading other people’s blog. i just read iman n vella blog. well, man, it gives back all the memories. this is 2003, in the middle of the year, it’s been nearly 2 years since i left australia. i had culture shock back then? dunno, i can’t really say much. eventhough i have spent some years overseas, somehow i cannot forget indonesia just like that. with all the uncomfortness, with all the problems and stuff.

now, i’m living in yogyakarta, studying and working. with all the activities i got here, i don’t have enough hours in a day. trust me, i need more than 24 hours. but i’m enjoying what i do. i still believe i can do stuff here, making things better, trying to fix things, i guess it’s better than doing nothing at all.

so much to concentrate, trying to make the indonesian literature alive with friends and communities. trying to help the people in porsea in the little way that i trust i can help them and also the pkl (pedagang kaki lima) here in yogya, currently being “ambush” by the pemda. and yeah, somehow i cannot believe i’m still sitting in my second semester of my early undergraduate courses.

i still want to learn a lot of things, taking photographs, do more design and learning typography in a serious way. read read read all the books, all stacking in my room. do more writings. make a nice tatto when manyul got back to yogyakarta. dreaming still.

the last few months i dream a lot about my days in perth and stuff, meeting my friends there. i’m still considering to send them postcard, which will cost me Rp 15,000 per card. Geez, when i got the money. I still need to buy myself a table to work, make bookshelves, a mirror (a year has pass by without a mirror in my room), pay my rent (it’s due next month), and yeah my daily life.

my boyfriend just started selling “es campur” with one of his friend, beside his free-lance works in the ngo, it’s making some little profit:) well geezz, it’s getting late here in the office. i gotta go and buy a “martabak telor” for my boyfriend in waiting, with a hungry grin back home.

-end of “curhat”-

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